1. In cases of special design specifications, you are requested to contact KOTSONIS in order to achieve technical support.
  2. For your convenience use standard designs and technical instructions provided on line and be aware of the printing restrictions of the envelopes.
  3. Contact KOTSONIS to create a correct mock up after the completion of the design of your application.
  4. Ask the specialists in KOTSONIS to advise you about the possibility of using stock items to avoid the higher cost of the special productions.
  5. Ask KOTSONIS to inform you about the different sealing systems of the envelopes and help you to choose the one that serves your communication needs better.
  6. Pay attention to the regulations and the technical specifications of the post to avoid extra costs sending your correspondence "via mail".
  7. Do not hesitate to experiment with the size, methods of sealing and materials of the envelopes. KOTSONIS has the capability to satisfy in the best way your imagination.