1. bond

Envelopes made of luxury paper, with characteristic striped texture, renowned for its excellent performance with all colors. Available in square type, a variety of sizes, white or cream color and susceptible to any type of printing. They are combined with the corresponding stationery. MORE

2. Opalina ®

Envelopes made of opalina luxury paper with its characteristic smooth texture and white color, which is widely used for special rendition of pastel colors. Available in square type and susceptible to any kind of printing. MORE

3. canson ®

Envelopes made from the famous canson luxury paper, which inspires printing artists with its distinctive embossed texture for 450 years. Available in square flap or “V” type in a wide variety of colors and susceptible to any type of printing. MORE

4. paclux ®

Adhesive envelopes for sending cd’s made from specialized polymer materials in a variety of metallic colors. MORE